The Monster!!

so actaully was going through my inventory and thought to myself i would do a outfit of what already have so here is what i came up with !!! time to look at those inventory girls and clean them out do some winter cleaning you never know what you have in there i know I’m surprised what I found


What I am wearing….

Harness ~.Shi : Leg harness (PATENT-FEMME}[Rigged Mesh]
Scarf ~.Shi : Hesed Neck Warmer {Mystic} [UNISEX . Rigged Mesh]
Tattoo-UtopiaH– Henna Girl Tattoo
Blindfold ~+pe+ Warning Blind Fold
Hair ~Magika [01] After
Pauldron ~ieQED dragon.pauldron.titanium
Panties ~::wanderLUST:: Tugged panties  Noi

Claws ~[EZ] Slave Claws -novo2.04, (Woods & Metals) (Box).

Bracelets ~[The Forge] Ailida’s Bangle


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