What Goes Around…Comes Around

So I was minding my own business and I was paid a visit from a old fellow Australian friend called crimsonraven he wanted to get my advice on a outfit that he was wearing and well I had to say I liked it so much even though pained me to say it to him cause he is a brat! so yes I liked it so much I told him I would blog him and that response was that he was going to be famous!! * rolls eyes * I do love the mens clothes from Dark Prophets unfortunately can be extremely pricey if your on a budget so make sure you check out the store in world or on marketplace.

ImageImageImageWhat crimsonraven is wearing…

Outfit – Dark Prophet Designs -The North full outfit

Hair – Action -Sid – veganic

Hair Base – Jomo – etched hair 07a

Facial Scar – Dark Prophet Designs – Facial Scar 1

Beard – NIVARO – Beards – Warrior Black

Weapons – EZ – Instigator Sword & Shield

EZ – Cerberus Bow

EZ– Darkhan Polearm


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