Once upon a time there was a girl called Hedi she lived in village called Vydarr her skin was fair and her hair was dark as the night. One day there was Warrior came to lands telling her village that they needed to save a person from another lands her village set sail to the lands with Hedi on board, Hedi prepared for battle she arrived on the lands where her village rushed through the lands arrows sweeping the sky’s as she looked around seeing people fall to there deaths, Hedi pushed through following her fearless leader, they got attacked from behind Hedi felt sharp pain back of her head as she was knocked out cold laying there she begins to wake up she seen this Warrior that ties her in these tight binds he begins to drag her off to open field where she sees dwarf and  this bird like creature called Squishy, he sat her down where they both shared  a picnic with there dwarfs and the bird they had wonderful time, the Warrior grew pity on Hedi and let her free she returned home with lovely memories of the dwarfs picnic…



What Lotte is Wearing…

Hair ~!lamb. Thieves Like Us (Mesh) – Grayscale Pack

Dress ~*{Junbug}* Rotkappchen @ Enchantment Event ( Starts 1st Feb)

Headpiece ~.Enfant Terrible. Forest Flowers Black/Red flowers @ Enchantment Event

Staff ~.Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream Staff silver ULTRA RARE @ The Fantasy Gatcha

Shoes ~.Enfant Terrible. Ribbon Ballerinas red @ Enchantment Event ( Starts 1st Feb)

Headpiece ~[Keystone] Bru’ella Headpiece @ The Fantasy Gatcha

Ranga my Aussie Redhead dwarf ~Dwarfins Walk a Long – Donin@ Enchantment Event ( Starts 1st Feb)

Enchantment Poster-Lil Red

ticket 01


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