Feigning Modesty!

So this outfit came out little different today I was going to wear a dress from Enchantment but a fellow blogger that I adore she had posted something similar so instead of that I chosen today’s dress new release from Junbug, she has brought out this dress for the CNY/LUNAR event that she has hosted the landmark is at her Mainstore or click the name in this blog it will take you straight there…The even has many things to offer with lovely Chinese items from furniture to clothing and accessories its a must see event…


SO I went to aysel today asking for her advice on what the outfit could be called..

[14:26] (You): sol.. name my outfit pls ?
[14:26] (You): i have no clue
[14:26] Soleil Blackheart (aysel.rae): Hmmmmm
[14:27] Soleil Blackheart (aysel.rae): Modest Princess Lotte!
[14:27] Soleil Blackheart (aysel.rae): course your upside down!
[14:27] Soleil Blackheart (aysel.rae): could be upside princess lotte!
[14:29] (You): lmaoooooo
[14:29] (You): haha love it
[14:29] (You): but im not modest
[14:29] (You): haha
[14:29] Soleil Blackheart (aysel.rae): 😀
[14:29] Soleil Blackheart (aysel.rae): you look it!
[14:29] Soleil Blackheart (aysel.rae): in that dress
[14:30] (You): pretending to be modest lotte!
[14:30] (You): PRETENDING MODESTY ….
[14:30] (You): how about that ?
[14:30] Soleil Blackheart (aysel.rae): Yes!
[14:31] Soleil Blackheart (aysel.rae): feigning Modesty!


What Lotte is wearing….

Hair ~“”D!va”” Hair “Ange” (Citrine)

Crown ~.Luminary. Hermione Crown – Gold @ The Fantasy Gatcha

Bracer ~. a i s l i n g . Faranth Bracers -Black- @ The Fantasy Gatcha

Headpiece ~[Keystone] Bru’ella Headpiece @ The Fantasy Gatcha


Shawl ~+Lika Ruby+shawl-A(black)

Staff & Ring Hud included ~*OAL* Talon Staff & Ring EPIC @ The Fantasy Gatcha

Cape ~*{Junbug}* Hoodie Mini Cape in Black Fur  @ The Fantasy Gatcha

Dress ~*{Junbug}* Quanyin in Black @ CNY/LUNAR


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