So Lady’s feast your eyes upon our hunk of a high lord!! he is my Male model for this post, every day he has to deal with Dorks and Lotte’s excited flamboyant rambling in team speak this would explain why there is no mead left in the tavern cause I think I drive Inky to drink!

Inky is showcasing some great items some from the Fantasy Gatcha that is now open, he has on the shield that i have to admit is one my favorite pieces out of all of the shields in gatcha this one is really well done, the fur cape adds northern feel to any outfit its a must have they have many colors specially in rares to and commons, a big Thanks for Inky for his use of his pixels!



[15:49] Inky Ironbeard (inkubust): I was asked to make a smart ass comment by someone, but what she doesn’t know i am always in smart ass mode



What Inky Stinky is Wearing!!


Hood piece ~PFC~Wolf Spirit – BlackBlue

Hair ~ Wasabi Pills/ Orion Mesh Hair – Gingerbread
Face paint ~ ‘Rebelstar‘ Army War Paint Face Tattoo

Full outfit including Top/Pants/Boots/Shoulders ~ (Ro) The Black Hound Black ( Edited for darker look )

Fur Cape ~ [S] Gallard // Grey Fur – Black @ The Fantasy Gatcha

Armbands ~DPD – Arm Wraps – Night  *Rare* both left and right

Sword ~ [EZ] Spectro Sword -novo2.02

Shield ~ [SG] The Wolf Ultra Rate @ The Fantasy Gatcha

Great Axe ~ [EZ] Axe of Retribution -novo2.03 (Great Axe)








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