Well I feel exhausted!! and I am not a designer… there is so many events around at the moment and I have been trying cover them all, to let everyone know , Dork is me blog is very new blog and well everyone that don’t do a blog thinks we start off to do blog to get free goodies.. well that’s not my case… I cover two Designers and one event and the event that I cover i still have to pay for the items, I don’t do this for free clothes I do this cause I love it I love fashion i have fashion background in real life  have degree in fashion design so in saying this if was doing this cause of the free stuff the blog would been off long time ago cause having only two sponsors wouldn’t make a blog I do this for the love of fashion. (( Ok Vented and feel better ))

Today I will be covering we love to roleplay!! yes its back!! woot! new location as well they had some teething problems with scripts and avatars in the sim  but it is all fixed now.. please be warned before you teleport your little pixel over there be sure to take off your scripts and make then under 2mb or else you will feel your pixel fly back home fast as you teleported over there.


I give you everything as reach my hands out to you my heart beating strongly for you every breath I take is one I want take with you my life my love is yours take over control as I need and want you….


What Dork is Wearing….

Armor ~.Enfant Terrible. Decor Armor black @ We ❤ Role play

Skirt ~[R3] – Lorena Skirt [V3] @ We ❤ Role play

Crown ~[tea.s] Her Reign – Onyx @ We ❤ Role play

Hair ~*Milk* Hair~Queen Of The Court @ We ❤ Role play


4 thoughts on “TAKE OVER CONTROL….

    1. Thanks Imo its not my haters its just what people make opinions on all of us bloggers… so guess was my little stand up for all us bloggers they all think we do it to get free stuff but in general i think most of us have talent and love fashion and way we express ourselves its a hobby ❤

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