Bloody Mess!

So little while ago I was asked to cover the Final Fantasy Fair which opens tomorrow!! I walked around and seen some lovely things items that would be good for gor as well today blogging few of the items there I was pleasantly surprised… unfortunately I went to help with a rescue and found myself loosing against brethren and I was kept by thrall called brute! which by the way will die soon when dork gets her hands on him!  so I knew I had to get my post out cause I give myself little anal time limit so taking pics as I  was captured…


[17:47:05]  Brute (brat.porterfield) wasted no time stuffing the panties in her mouth again….this time keeping his hand on her mouth….making sure she couldn’t spit them out before he got the rope around her head to make the gag stick. He carefully tied the rope behind her head….looking at her all pleased….”much better….you look pretty…..but you sound like the toothless captain from the raid ship. He slipped off her…..ripping her skirt off with great energy….working hard on getting her naked.


[17:51:54]  Ðȭяʞ ȭŦ ţђε яεᴀρεяȘ (ellena.andel) she felt the panties being shoved inside her mouth her noses crinkles as her eyes dart to the thralls she shook her head she began to wiggle in her binds trying move her hands out of her binds fast she can she tried squeezing out of her wrist binds she growls muttering under her binds she wanted to kill the thrall she had never wanted to kill someone so badly before but she knew she had not been feeling herself lately the constant mood swings and the throwing up she didn’t know what was going on she moved around in her binds more trying squeeze out of them best she could


What Dork is Wearing for now! ( until the thrall stole her clothes )

Hair ~*Milk* Queen Of The Court *Blondes* @ We ❤ role play!

Skirt ~-SU!– Tutu Skirt White DIRTY & BLOODY

Pauldrons & Crown ~.Luminary. Nyx – Silver @ Final Fantasy Fair ( LM coming soon! )

Makeup ~.Oh!Liv. Eyeliner *Shards* FATPACK @ Final Fantasy Fair ( LM coming soon! )

Top with appliers ~ [LF] Harumi Outfit Red @ Final Fantasy Fair ( LM coming soon! )

Shoe ~Barely Legal – Mesh Spar Sneakers @ Final Fantasy Fair ( LM coming soon! )

FFF Logo


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