Dorky Goddess!

So the little subscribe o thingy gave me my 30L list and I love to look at Luas creations and seen this sweet outfit that she has up in the list this week and with the hair that is at the We ❤ Roleplay and some other items from Fantasy Gatcha i feel like the Dorky Goddess of Vydarr! Big thanks to PY & Luna for sharing there gatcha items with me to make this outfit ❤


[18:08] (You): my Jarl
[18:08] (You): my Jarlllll
[18:08] (You): my Jarlllll
[18:08] Ðᴀяᴋ яεᴀρεя (darkangelreaper): MINEEEEEEEEE
[18:08] (You): am I your dory goddess?
[18:08] Ðᴀяᴋ яεᴀρεя (darkangelreaper): are you a fish?
[18:08] (You): oh no dorky i means
[18:09] (You): no im not going keep swimming
[18:09] Ðᴀяᴋ яεᴀρεя (darkangelreaper): yes my dork goddess

ImageWhat Dork is Wearing…

Hair ~*Calico* Eira – Pale Blondes @ We ❤ Roleplay

upper bangles ~. a i s l i n g . Faranth Bracers -Gold- @ Fantasy Gatcha

Earrings ~.aisling. GAIA – Earring Gold @ Fantasy Gatcha

Bracelets ~.aisling. GAIA – Hand Gold @ Fantasy Gatcha

Eye Makeup ~.Oh!Liv. Eyeliner *Shards* FATPACK @ Final Fantasy Festival

Pauldron ~ ieQED @ We ❤ Roleplay

Necklace ~.aisling. GAIA – Necklace Gold (RARE) @ Fantasy Gatcha

Toga ~LUAS SEPPIA WHITE ( on the 30 L list this week )


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