No more tears….

Greetings all……….. so had this outfit in mind for while since I seen the previews for We ❤ Roleplay and finally got my finger out my ass and posted it.. was feeling little elven like but i should be more of a hobbit then a elven, I have noticed that some the hair makers have released some new hairs truth, exile, catwana to name few they have new releases around i brought the new one from exile yesterday to go with this outfit but found that there was gap between my head and the hair and really didn’t want to make my head bigger cause we all know Lottes head swells from time to time.





ImageWhat Lotte is wearing…


Hair ~. Liquence . – F2 in Blacks

Boots ~[The Forge] Daerwen Boots, (Black / Silver)

Scarf ~::Mr.Poet::CapeCoat Turtleneck and KnitScarf set_Black ( color edited )

Pants ~ ISON – moto leather pants (brown) ( color edited )

Thigh jewels ~. a i s l i n g . Faranth Thigh -Silver- @ Fantasy Gatcha

Belt ~. a i s l i n g . Tiernan Belt (wearme) @ We ❤ Roleplay

Necklace ~.Enfant Terrible. Decor armor Silver @ We ❤ Roleplay

Bracers ~.Enfant Terrible. Silver cuffs bracers

Dress~ Peqe – Elven 2.0_Brown @ We ❤ Roleplay

Headpiece ~The Library~ Alais Headdress-Onyx


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