Darks Muse….

Happy Valentines Day, hearts everyone are in the world are sharing the love for one another  and hallmark is getting rich by this day followed by the florist but before you go out buy those roses or chocolates here is my post dedicated to Valentines day as this year I have a valentine  and i am his muse as he thinks but I’m still scratching my head about that one… Last week was looking around at some of the outfits and spotted this outfit from blacklace  I love love love love her stuff so today I am dressed up at Vydarrs cupid going around shooting my darts in peoples asses hoping they will find love or a hole in there ass from my arrows one of the two..



To my love….you express your love everyday my heart fills with joy when I hear your words whisper in my ear my smile widens as your eyes cast onto me, you say I am your muse but my love you are mine tis you that stands by my side hand in hand giving me the strength to do what I do everyday to that I am the luckiest women in the world  happy v day my love my muse…



What Dork is wearing…


Outfit ~Blacklace~ Little Miss Cupid: Pink Hearts

Garter ~ <Toxic Bish> Lingerie Garter white/black with Phat Azz applier

Hair ~ [e] Tallulah – Blondes




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