Well hello there!! I was looking at my blog other day and noticed I don’t do much pants outfits so thought mix it up  but also noticed that it is hard to come by good mesh pants that I like! cause either sag to low in the wrong areas and my avi being so short it don’t look to good just makes me look like try hard!

Plus I wanted to post these cute little wings from the Final Fantasy Festival make sure you get in and have look around, Also next round of Fantasy Room & Fantasy Collection will be opening soon.. as for the  Fantasy Gatcha and We ❤ Roleplay will be ending end of this month the next round of We ❤ Roleplay will be held start of the month cant wait to see whats next..


Cause we got the Fire fire fire….

We Gonna Let it burn…….Burn…

Gonna Let it burn………!


What Lotte is Wearing….

Hair ~[taketomi]_Hina_Blacks

Belt ~PFC~Role Belt – Raider (black) RARE @ Fantasy Gatcha

Halo ~* May Soul *normal halo silver @  Fantasy Gatcha

Wings ~*Tentacio* Steampunk wings black (May Soul) @ Final Fantasy Festival

Crown ~*{Junbug}* Crown of the Tuatha-De – Ancient @ Genre

Pants ~[NV]  Art Pants -Jean Black-

Top ~[NV] Strap Top -Black-

Bracelets ~[tea.s] Regal Gem Bracelet – Onyx / Pure

Makeup ~MONS / Hippie Makeups


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