Well good morning evening depending on where you are in the world… today I will be doing another showcase on The Fantasy Collective event that is now open! yes they opened there doors and the crowd is piling into have look at all the goodies that is to offer…

Doing sexy sultry slave outfit today showcasing {RW} Belt chain enriched with its beauty with different color gems to choose from and the seductive headpiece OrsiniSun that will captivate you to finish it all off we have the OAL hands and feet Jewels that are slink friendly and to top it off I have been wanting the candle wings from .Enfant Terrible. for long time I spent a embarrassed small fortune just get these gold ones and now have heaps other double ups that I will be passing out to my friends list in next few days yes that machine Got me but so worth it for the gold beauty of these wings


If I could believe

like a child….

Money would grow on trees…

if I was allowed to dream

like a child..

then I would see a Miracle………..


What Dork is wearing….

Hands & Feet Jewels ~*OAL* Mecca Hand & Foot Coins @ The Fantasy Collective

Headpiece ~ OrsiniSun Noir Poem Faceband Noir @ The Fantasy Collective

Belt ~{RW} Perizad Chain Belt  – Onyx @ The Fantasy Collective

Wings ~.Enfant Terrible. candle light dinner wings gold RARE @ L* Accessories

Bracelets ~ [The Forge] Boadicea’s Bracelets (Gold)

Earrings ~LaGyo_Amada earrings Type A gold

Necklace ~LaGyo_Amada necklace gold







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