What does the Future hold?

Have you ever wondered what your future holds ? Last few months this question has popped into my mind so often and all i can think about today even looking up horoscopes but i don’t even know to believe them they so vague…. I don’t like surprises I like to plan things so not knowing my future is not something I like but this is only food for thought!!

So weekend is here again and I have been at Whore Couture may noticed that I haven’t posted dork for while as she has been laid back and lazy chilling pregnant but now on snap of a finger and 30 min roleplay session she gave birth to healthy baby Slut !! Meeka ( and yes I had to speed up the process there was incoming and anyone knows dork or lotte pew pew is important! )

So todays look is from Famashed, Whore Couture and Arcade Gatcha love this corset and the toxic garter goes well with my new cute ass that I got yes dark brought me a ass!! so hope you all enjoy your weekend and enjoy my post see you on the flip side!




ImageWhat Dork is Wearing…


Hair ~MOON {Hair}. Paper Cuts – Blondes @ The Chapter Four

Shoes~[geek.] Took an Arrow to my Boots Pak  Girly @ We ❤ Role play

Corset~Sassy!~ Drama set – pink @ Whore Couture

Umbrella ~*BOOM* Rain no rain umbrella. (piggy) unpack @ Arcade Gatcha

Garter ~<Toxic Bish> Lingerie Garter white/black with Phat Azz applier

horns ~*alirium* pan’s horns: A: sweet @ The Chapter Four








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