Until we meet…

Until we meet my body feels alive in waiting for you…

Until we meet my mind is always thinking of you…

every breath I take will be with you in my mind until we meet I cant get you out of my mind, my body feels alive, smile dances Upon my face my eyes sparkle against light in waiting and wanting hear your voice, the memories of our last words float in my mind…

I will wait here for you baby until we meet the time feels slow as look and count down the hours the minutes the days until I will feel your arms around me it be nothing more then dream until we meet….






What Dork is Wearing…


!gO! khaleesi desert skirt @ Secret Affair


Zibska ~ Vyvian @ Secret Affair

*May’s Soul* Muse armour black


*May’s Soul* Majestic chain black @ Secret Affair





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