Ahoy!! My Hearties!! I have returned after internet problems and computer problems I shall not let that stop me!! I am just in time for some major events starting up!! but for now I have walked around and found some lovely things from this round of The Fantasy Collective this round is themed Pirates!! so dork is doing it tough laying basking in the sunlight even her Master telling her to come ashore but if anyone knows dork she has mind of her own…


The wind in my locks, as I close my eyes taking in deep breath I smell the salty see air… My head leans back as the warmth of the sunlight shines on my face, smile runs across my face as I hear the waves lap against the boat I feel that I am home.. Home amongst the sea far from the the worries of life may it never end I shall sail till no breath left in me….



What Dork is wearing……

**Corset **  ! Cellar Door High Sea Runt Cyan @ TFC

**Hat**  *LODE* Headwear – Oreor [blue] @ TFC

**Hair**  . Liquence . – F7 in Light Blonds

**Chain** *May’s Soul* Majestic chain black

**Prop**  .mien. {seven seas} @ TFC



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