Too long with out you….

Sometimes lay in my bed thinking and dreaming am Strong enough to wait for you….

the pain in my heart waiting to see you, my bed feels cold and empty without you in there… I  hold my breath and everything’s around me feels like a blur when you not around me, I live my life but I feel myself away drifting in my thoughts of you yearning for your return tis not living i feel it is acting waiting to live again when you come home to me…. I close my eyes lump in my throat the butterfly’s in my stomach just never go… am i strong enough….?

I don’t want to be alone I’m not strong enough to be alone I want to be held and loved to feel hole ….


Days feel like years until you return.. I wonder if I am strong enough…


**Dirty Princess** Gladiator En Vogue Princess MESH Boots-Brown

.aisling. LadyOfHighgarden – Hands ( Gold )

.aisling. LadyOfHighgarden – NECKLACE ( Gold ) RARE

.aisling. LadyOfHighgarden – Shoulders ( Gold )

::B&C::Mesh Elven Circlet – Soora @ The Fantasy Gatcha

The Annex – Mavi Gown – Nude Lace

Big Thanks to my Sponsor Bites and Claws for there awesome circlet that I’m featuring this post!!




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