struggles against the darkness..!!

When weight is lifted and I feel at ease then feel grip of the darkness near clinging onto me suffocating me drawing me back into its shadowy depths.. when will it end? when will I be free…? I’m tired of the darkness and I got glimpse of the light bring it back and shall never fade again.. oh please will you help me don’t let the darkness take me…

Tears run down my face as feel alone , I remember the times we where together how feel as you pulled me out of the depths of the darkness my love help me I need you.. I’m lost without you…


Let the darkness fade draw me back to the light…….


*May’s Soul* Desolation armour black

.ARISE. Chess Septum / Black @ Dark Style Fair

[Gang/Cold) Punk Girl Peeps – RED @ Dark Style Fair

alterego I prowler pants v2 @ Dark Style Fair

TRUTH HAIR Thelma – gingers @ COLLABOR88

~Sassy!~ Solstice top – red @ Dark Style Fair

Regal Cross Necklace – Gold – Ethereal Psalm – RARE

PFC~Role Belt – Jailer (black)


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