I am Toxic…


I’m kinda girl that should wear a warning…I’m dangerous and there no escape from my poison….

can you feel the need? the want take a hold of you….. baby I’m dangerous like your addiction, you loosing your head thinking about me spiraling around and around do you feel me now ?

The taste of my lips feel of my body can take you to paradise, my mind is taken over its dark place with secrets baby I’m dangerous and I feel there no escape from my fears….


Im toxic that is your warning….


.DirtyStories. Damned Princess Horns Gold

+Spellbound+ Medusa // Brunettes

-UtopiaH- My Double Garter Stocking & Appliers

…::: Scrub :::… the old trunk Gold

…::: Scrub :::…Alice’s Chains Gold

.ARISE. Chess Septum / Black

::Axix:: Morpheus Tattoo 4

[LF] My Fate Chest Chains BOX

[LL] Morphine dress

C h a r y . – Doll Gloss 2

The Dark Style Fair is where you find these items click the link for your taxi


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