How can I stop the worry?

Hi there going do things little different today…. a lovely friend from Vydarr has opened her shop with her partner and gave me some sweet treats to blog and i have to say I’m excited I had so many ideas on this outfit and was struggle to just do one…

Frida is the name of the outfit and just between you and me think named after her avatar…I don’t know just guessing here…lol this outfit comes in arrange of colors to your blacks silvers whites now you have your common colors and the rares the one I am showcasing today is the Rare its transparent mesh gives war like feel to the outfit comes with resize script for people don’t have to much junk or a lot junk in there trunk…Now if you know dork very well you would know she hates taking her lolas off!! this outfit doesn’t come with appliers it is 100% mesh and has high detail panties and mesh top

The shop is only new they have shields on display and the outfit that I am displaying the shop called Skjern Designs please go and check it out there also some fantasy gatcha items for sale as you teleport in…

Big thanks to the Designers of Skjern Designs I hope your store is a success and I look forward in blogging for you again 🙂


I feel this sickness inside me the worry of failure the worry that you will leave the worry of a mother the everyday struggle… I am tired of the worry how do I stop how do I not think about the thoughts keep me up at night…


+Spellbound+ Warrior // Blondes [NEW]

*May’s Soul* War chest black leaf

. a i s l i n g . Faranth Bracers -Silver-

.aisling. GAIA – Earring Silver

[Keystone] Bryre Crown

[The Forge] Cadeyrn Leg Armour (Silver)



[The Forge]  Scale Armour, (Black)

[Skjern Designs] Frida Chain Butt Transparent Rare [NEW]

[Skjern Designs] Frida Chain Top Transparent Rare [NEW]

Boardcommon Boardrare


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