In my Birthday suit!

I feel good in my own skin

feeling the wind against my skin

oh the freedom that brings to feel so free walking around with not care

will you walk around with me in your birthday suit come  follow me …!


Yasum has launched her new skins Ramya*Gizmolino* I was given this skin to blog and I am very iffy on skins I was unsure until I put it on and seen the flawless look I admit Azlyn has out done herself she has amazed me with her new Ramya*Gizmolino* I am showcasing the Porcelain skin today there are many colors available and they all have appliers available for your mesh parts.. for example she offers appliers for:

linc azz
slink foot and hand
[ul] ghetto booty applier
slink face applier
and comes with sculpted diva lashes
WowMeh and Loudmouth

The lovely skin comes with some sculpted diva lashes and tattoo layers of freckles for that Sunkist look so go and check it out you will not be disappointed grab demo today

They are on sale now take your taxi by clicking the link [Ramya]


What I am wearing!! well not much that I’m wearing put that way!!

MOON {Hair}. Paper Cuts – Greyscales

[Ramya]*Gizmolino* PORCELAN


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