Show me the path…


I walk with one pair of footstep along the path going around and around as fear I am lost… I feel brush over my hand as look down seeing your hand grab hold of mine I look up with my surprised eyes guild by the light above as gleam with my excite my heart feels alive…

As you pull my hand leading me down the path hand and hand as we walk with two pairs foot steps as I  feel at ease there is never nothing to fear around you things are easier with you around my love my light my GPS!


Exile::San Francisco Blacks


[CX] Cascading Peony (Gold) RARE @ Fantasy Gatcha

-Pixicat- GeishaFlats (Black)

Glam Affair – Akali Headpiece @ Fameshed

:V.e. Persephone Gown Teal Silver @ Fameshed

+Lika Ruby+shawl-A(white)


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