Lottey Potty!



Yes been long time…. but everyone has a real life and it either busy or it is not unfortunately mine 2014 was bit of bad year for me it was lets say one i would like to put to rest….

So 8 months offline much has been and gone many events I have missed!! but feeling much like a noob I will over come my noobbish ways and strike for only goodness!

So right now we have new round of We ❤ Role play that has opened there doors… Also Yasum have branched out and done a beautiful dress for new collection of Fantasy Collective they are doing a Sea theme this time around.

but today I am Showcasing we love to role the beautiful bodice from =Zenith= the detail in the bodice is amazing…. It is a must have in your collection!! one thing I do wish is that they made a matching pair of pants for this bodice but then again I was lucky enough to wear Yasums Goth Kilt-Pants…

Hope you will like the new post I am back till my real life takes me again in which I do hope will be while before it does!! enjoy xo

Hair : ~Tableau Vivant~ Lupe hair – Basics

Pants: Yasum*MESH*Goth Skirt Pants*Mega Hud Controled*Female

Fur : *T.Whore* – Sexy Fur Stole Black MESH

Breastplate : =Zenith=Leather Hunter Breastplate (Choco)

Headpiece : [Keystone] Woodland Headpiece

Armour : [The Forge] Banshee Armour (Brown)

Skin : DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Kiara A Lips 1 Celtic



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