Tomorrow Brings….

So my Secondlife Father is deck out in all his glory !! Ragnarr Lodbrok was kind enough to share in my post today to display what he is wearing… Now as you might know my Sponsor Bites & Claws is in this round of Fantasy Gatcha carnival the doors are open and people are flocking in spending there lindens on the beautiful talented items that the FGC offers check it out soon before they close there doors .



Ragnarr Lodbrok has on…

Bow: LR Black Carbon
Shield: PFC Torden Shield
Axe: LR Huizache Axe
Polearm: LR Neyven Polearm
Eyes: Real Eyes HD2 blue moon
Hair: eXxEsS ZMORY
Beard: NIVARO prophet heavy black
Face Tattoo: Suwar War Paint
Tattoo: Hsk inK Vikings
Bracelet: BODY FACTORY Viking Bracelet
Kilt: !gO! Boy Scout kilt
Sandals: Triarius Sandal grey (slink)
Armour: The Forge Banshee Armour


Lotte Lodbrok has on…

Hair 1:  *booN YNO421 hair black/chocolate/purple marketplace

Hair 2:  little bones. Vanity Eros (L)

Crown: ::B&C:: The Lich Bone Crown RARE { this round of TFG }

Croset: .Enfant Terrible. Ems Corset S White

Headpiece: [The Forge] Rosana Headpiece (Gold)

Necklace: [The Forge] Rosana Necklace (Gold)

Shoes: Panik ~ Purity Straps ~ (Slink High Feet) Left ~Neige

Fur: Vintage Fur Wrap in Snow – XXS

Braclets: Wimey: Branching Out Cuff Copper

Skirt: Eyelure Boho Skirt


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