Let it be……..


Løттe Løđвяøκ (lottemetaluna): props to me pops!!!

Rαgηαяя Lσɗвяσк (ragnarrlodbrok666): omfg

Rαgηαяя Lσɗвяσк (ragnarrlodbrok666): daughter you know I am a real life gorean viking

Løттe Løđвяøκ (lottemetaluna): oh yeah dad like with 1 hair growing!

Rαgηαяя Lσɗвяσк (ragnarrlodbrok666): what can I say Aslaugh likes me hairless down there

Løттe Løđвяøκ (lottemetaluna): well i guess thats where get from then dad cause I am bald like a badger on heat!!

let it be_005

Rαgηαяя Lσɗвяσк Is wearing….

Hair: MOON Slow Motion
Eyes: Real Eyes Blue moon
Beard: Nivaro Prophet _heavy_black
Face Tattoo: Suwar War Paint
Tattoo: Hsk inK Vikings
Chest Plate: TURB The Rogue Chest Plate (modded colour)
Bracers: >glYph< Tiberius Vambrace (modded colour)
Kilt: Yasum nesh Battle Kilt
Sandals: Triarius Sandal grey (for slink feet)
Axe: LR Huizache Axe
Polearm: LR Neyven Spear
Bow: LR Black Carbon Bow
Shield: [AEGIS] Titanic Heaven Shield

let it be_9

Løттe Løđвяøκ Is Wearing….

Shape: Custom Lotte Shape!

Skin:Skin Kiara A (Lips1) black Celtic

Top : (CM) Nicolette Tank MESH (black)

Fur: *T.Whore* – Sexy Fur Stole Black MESH

Tattoo 1: .Identity. Body Shop – Fantasy

Tattoo 2 :.Identity. Body Shop – Guenkyo [Arms]

Lips : C h a r y . – Doll Gloss 2

Pants: FDD GS *Cirilla pants* Black

Corset : FDD GS *Cirilla* Corset Black ULTRA

Boots : REIGN.- Moccasin Boots- Black

Hair : TRUTH HAIR Esther –  variety

Ring : Wimey: Branching Out Copper


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