The Nights…..

 ” To Live a life is to live like it is your last day on earth… never know when it will be your last, life is to precious, seize it and embrace it see the beauty in it….”


Hair: KoKoLoReS Hair Hayden
Beard: +Spellbound+ Monster beard
Eyes: Real Eyes HD2 Blue moon
Face Tattoo: Suwar war paint
Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai Mjolner necklace
Pauldrons: Axix SavelShoulder
Chest Belt: RS Onslaught Chest Belt
Tattoo: Hsk inK Vikings
Bracer: The Forge Viking Bracer
Belt: TI Black Stud and chain Belt
Pants: The Muses Perros pants
Sandals: ZED Mesh Black Sneaker Sandals (slink feet)
Claws: LR Nail Claws
Bow: LR Black Carbon Bow
Polearm: LR Neyven Spear


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