I Never Learn……..


Where the blue moons shines
Where the tears melt ice
In a sea of guilt
By the fallen stars
Lonely chimes, sing of pain
There’s a storm, only love remains
I been stung by a star seed honey
He shone love like a lightning honey
I been hit by a star seed honey
His love burns like a lightning honey
I’m right here I’m your star crossed lover
I lie here like a starless lover
I’ll die here as your phantom lover
I never learn
I never learn


::Modish:: Inga Skins [skt11]
[The Forge] Plaid Bracers (Black),
[The Forge] Plaid Vest (Black),
Kibitz – Acantha claws – citrus COMMON @ FGC
MOON // Hair // Naturals – Chandler II
Pants Suit
The Annex – Willow – Leather – Black @ We ❤ Roleplay


*Epic* Bow.Stomp Boots! {Vortex} @ Dark Style Fair


Imaginarium Poses – Lady Of Greyjoy (The Lady Series)

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