Sharks & Crows


We had been on our knees
We’ve drunk the strongest whiskeys
We’ve lived much more than we expected to live
Sure, things could have been better
My friends have started to whisper,
and you have wives and children.
We were friends on the revert
We celebrate life together
Something tells me that we won’t live forever
We’ve seen the stars and the smoke,
and the sharks and the crows
that’s why I miss you, you know?


What Crow is Wearing…

Skin: Katra from Glam Affair

Tattoo: Crow Free, from *PerveTTe*

Hair: Grande, from TRUTH HAIR

Lips: SweetLips, from [PXL]

Headdress: Khatel, Rare, from aisling @ FGC

Chestpiece: Khatel, Rare, from aisling @ FGC

Armband: Khatel, Black, from aisling @ FGC

Bracer: Shynila, Black, from aisling

Claws: Acantha Claws, Obsidian, Rare, from Kibitz @ FGC

High Waist Shorts, from MoDANNA @ The Dark Fair 2

Belt: Magic Ride Belt, Silver, Rare (this is from the March round of the Arcade)

Leg Harness: Leg Harness, from .Shi.


What Ðᴏяʞ ғяᴇᴇᴅᴏᴍ is wearing…

-Glam Affair – Grazia ( Shiny Shabby ) Asia 06
*T.Whore* – Sexy Fur Stole White MESH
.Keystone. Dia – Belt – Golden – Uncommon @ TFG
.Keystone. Dia – Earrings – Gold – Common @ TFG
.Keystone. Dia – Headpiece – Golden – RARE @ TFG
:[P]:- Gloriah Halo:// 24 Karat @ TSA
Kibit – Glim cuffs – gold @ TSA
Kibitz – Long beads necklace – gold @ TSA
Nose Chain
Kibitz – Tulip nose chain – copper
little bones. Meander – Ombre&Roots

Big Thank you To Crow for helping me with my post today xoxo ❤

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