You make my ♥ Stop


When I think of you, it makes my heart stop…

since I’ve met you i cant get you off my mind this cant be love but baby has to be love cause cant get you off my mind…

can I whisper something to you ?

I know this must be love……. I know this can be love

what i am feeling getting stronger and know I cant hold it in for much longer

I know this must be love…. it must be love…

so baby marry me.!

I am stuck on you every time think of you my heart stops

none of these boys can dance compared to you

way i feel i know I’m stuck on you..


do you remember me ? I am the Whore of Gor that you may of forgotten about…lol ! So about 6 weeks ago after drunken night on scotch! i broke piece of my laptop! and took me about 6 weeks for asus to fix it! but finally now i am back and shit loads i have to fricken do! starting with! my new sponsor Takeo very highly detailed items you may have seen his work at the fantasy gatchas! well you about see a lot more of his work, today I am showcasing the Aniki Ear Hooks will be found in next round of TTS

What I am Wearing…

LaGyo_Amada necklace gold
LaGyo_Brighton beach headbend gold
-Glam Affair – Summer V3 – Asia 06
::TI:: Diamond Septum – Gold
[Takeo] Aniki Earrings -Obsidian Dark [Coming soon to TTS]
Kibitz – Angelic piercing
Kibitz – Chara bangles – gold
Kibitz – Tulip nose chain – copper
REIGN.- Mahi Gladiator Sandals- Black (Maitreya) RARE  @ The Epiphany
TETRA – High Asymmetric Drape Skirt (Black) @ Shiny Shabby
pr!tty – Lilian- {Blondes} – @ Hair Fair

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