If dark returns…


So much misery, so much pain,
Fog of war, with torrential rain.
Mountainous jungles do not forgive,
Must be careful, if you wish to live.

Fire and destruction, seems to follow,
Magnitude of it all is hard to swallow.
The dying gasp for every breath,
Joining countless to their death.


What Zack S. Desaster is wearing…

body- NIRAMYTH – AESTHETIC – Advanced mesh body – ENZO 1.5

armband: [The Forge] Troc – Ultra rare

headband: [The Forge] Celtic HEadband, (silver) – common

Beard: Deco Bandit Beard ( Wheat)

Hair: *Dura-Boy* 54 mainhair- Irish Coffee

eyepatch: [The Forge] Bandage Patch M

Stomach: DPD Abdomen Belt – Roman Leather *mesh*

shoulders: Rochambeau Hamath Pauldrons L
Peqe – Fur Stole (L)
Pants: Rochambeau Tarkun Pants M

Shoes: Rochambeau Tharkun Boots M

Kilt: Rochambeau Bandit Kilt L
Rochambeau Bandit Belt
weapons: [EZ] Axe of retribution
[EZ] Darkhan Spear
[EZ] Guilded Bow of Jie
Shield: :[TT]: Solitude Herald Shield

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