Give yourself to me, you will get it all if you take a chance in me… I will live faithfully, you lift me up and let me be… let me be with you.. take my hand and lead me to true love, that is where I wanna be…


What Aiken is Wearing…

**DECO – Bandit Beard (wheat)**
.ARISE. Lilia Septum / Dark Silver @ FGC
::GB::Tight harem pants_sand @ MOM
::ZED:: MESH Studded Strap Laced Maroon Boots
:Enigma: CHained Scarf Brown Boxed
:Enigma: Valkyrie Rust
[bade] Cody BLONDES @ MOM
Beusame:: V14.2 Beard
BlackCarbon Recurve Bow [Genesis] (box) v5.00
Corpo – Taoki Tattoo @ MOM
HOMAGE — MR MS : Plastics (unpacked)
IKON Spectral Eyes – Nymph
LR Phan Combo
NOMAD // Repurposed // Copper @ MOM


Feelings that not had before , you have my head turning babe…take me to another place and make me your lady… you make it hard for me to breathe when your around cause that’s the sound of love…


What Aiyanna is wearing… ( aka Dork )

~silentsparrow~ Demonkin! – Sweets
booN velvet bow headband SYURI pink
*MUKA* Burlesque Bow
.ARISE. Lilia Septum / Dark Silver @ FGC
:: AME :: Dennyn Collar Onyx @ W<3 Rp
Alice Project – Hana – Blonde @ Kawaii Project 
Sweet Thing. Waifu Bikini – Lavender @ Kawaii Project 

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