Up & Away


Can’t stop won’t stop!


I put the squeeze on these other MC’s
Cutting imitators off at the knees, oh please
The way I’m ripping it up
I never let up so hold on to your butts
And Imma wake you up, show you how it’s done!


Ok so This is Blake ! Spawn of Laken & Hungry!  scarey mix I say! blake tested the male version of Slink body for me and the TMP! we found that TMP in my opinion was better in way of stomach as  Blake Isn’t the enormous over top heights that most people use in second life, he is your average realistic height most average men are  in the real world and in saying that found the stomach on the slink not to deal with that to  well , it seem to bunch up and look funny in the Abs now before you begin abusing me!! this is only my opinion and just way the shape of blake’s body was. slink is trust brand and has been around for long time so this was just personal experience that is all…

So in conclusion TMP also has more arrange for guys out there when comes to skins and clothing as most you that shop for men clothing know its not much variety as it is and may want spend little more buying the TMP Mesh body for men  for that reason alone plus the proof there is on blake on how sexy he looks well I think he does!

Now I’ll stop drooling and get to work on what he is wearing!!

  • Hair: *ARGRACE* AKIRA – Black
  • Jacket: F.A.T Jon Fur Cardigan
  • Jeans:* SORGO – PRIMA jeans / GREY @ TMD
  • Shoes: Flite . Classic WingTips
  • Body: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe B
  • Ears: Steking EARS [MANDALA]
  • Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Chocolate
  • Skin: –NIVARO– Lysander Skin – creamtone
  • Tattoo: *Bolson / Tattoo – Ocelot





3 thoughts on “Up & Away

  1. If you need male model for posts you just have to take pics and notes I do the notice with events, that is not to be posted but for you, i was blogging for snowy before, contact bestswordsucks if interested 😉

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