Sometimes love is ours to burn in flames
Sometimes the ending is your best to save
I got a hunt out the edge that it wants to break
And I know that once there was a way


Beauty in the breakdown
I’m not afraid
The love you never gave me
Is slipping away
And I loved the voices inside of my mind
Will never be silenced until I can find
A way to let go of what we left behind


I won’t return to the ruins……

Equinox Weapons logo

So the Great people at .:[ Equinox ]:. has brought out new range weapon for slaves, the simple Rocks, it’s weapon that can pack a punch of course in the right hands… As for my hands put it this way I’m not a super slave…

I like this weapon it simple like the name says and it’s realistic in the gorean terms it something that would of been used for slaves and in their defence.

It can be found on sale now in their mainstore!





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