The Tale Of The Punishment…



Warning Viewer Discretion is required if you prudy and vanilla you may want to look away and close content….



She woke looking around seeing empty room feeling instantly cold a pit in her stomach began to sink into her stomach as she knew instantly something was wrong, getting up on her feet instantly as she rushed around the town looking for him she walked the dark  tunnels down the narrow paths where began get even more dark and cold, her hands moved crossing them in front of her as she walked the tunnels in fear scared of what she may find as she came to the torture room that she could hear the sounds of the past screams echoing the halls stepping into room she could hear footsteps walking slowly out of room with single white chair the shadow was only thing that accompanied the chair in the dark and miserable room, her eyes glancing up seeing the man standing there was the owner of her heart the owner of her soul  one and truly person in the world that controlled her mind the one that she had been searching for…



rushing to his side pit growing inside her stomach more intense  as she could tell by the silence in the air  and sight of his face he was not happy with her. her steps became slower as she became near him as she was about kneel down on the cold stone floor she felt him grab hold of her collar gripping it tightly that his knuckles  were white from the pressure of his grip  as he pulled collar up forcing my head to tilt up my eyes gazed into his as felt the collar exhaust my breath causing me breath harder  his breath hitting my cheek as hear his stern voice ” say goodbye to your voice mine!” as felt him release me from his grip on the collar my body falls to ground like pillow being tossed onto the sofa, her heart beating faster as she looked around seeing him go behind her she stood still as she could be frozen in time tears rolling down her face as she felt the fabric part her lips the sound of the material being tied behind her head  being tangle with strands of hair as he tied the satin black fabric losing her voice from the world no one but thoughts in her head would ever hear her till he allowed her again…..


Hearing the Scraping of the chair being moved  in front of her  her whimpers muffled from the satin gag, feeling him grab hold of her collar once more forcing her  bend over on the chair  her ass on display for him to see as feel his hand move gripping her gag pulling it tightly as she felt  fabric cutting into her mouth and flesh of her cheeks as she closed her eyes gripping the back of the chair as her heart pounding she could beg for him to forgive her as she felt the first strke of the wooden paddle hit back of her cheek scream silenced from the gag as the room echoed of the strike her flesh red and swore from the  beating she endured one after the other till herd him voice 10… feeling him rub his work of art like was his drug but felt so tender  from the 10 strikes of the paddle.


Feeling his hand move away from her gag to her neck as he gripped her collar once more pulling her to his lap feeling her body upon his flesh of his thighs as she was draped over him like blanket of warmth, his hand not leaving her neck as she felt the wooden paddle between her thighs tracing up to her bare   rawr ass  as she heard  his voice return like thunder striking over her ” you will  never forget nor be lazy after I am done with you the pain will be your reminder from days to come ” as she felt the strike of the paddle on the other side of her ass hitting the flesh as it causes her body to jerk over him, as she felt pound of second strike then another straight after feeling the warmth and pain of each strike until he reached the number 10….


Her body shaking as she felt the pain of her battered ass, as she herd the sound of the paddle drop on the ground startling her,as she felt his embrace of his arms wrapping around her small frame tears running down her cheek  as he whispers ” you are mine and you will do what I tell you if you do not you will feel my wrath” as  she felt his hand glide over strands of her hair gliding along her body  so soft  sending my body tingling throughout as it was abruptly stopped in it’s path feeling him grip her collar once more lifting her head so that she could see his face his head lent over pressing up against her cheek his breath against her shoulder as hear him whisper softly ” you are mine….” as he repeats once more ” you are mine” his lips press up against her shoulder as they sit there in silence nothing but sound of there heart beats and feel of the flesh together….


What Blake Stormsong is Wearing.. (coughs) my Master!!


What Dork is Wearing….


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