Scent of my Desire…

The very next day from night full of punishment I was looking around the village getting my bearings as we were in new homeland of Unknowns village, It  was foreign land so took her time to learn the vast  lands and the dark tunnels that were so long and scarey just like my old home hearing the howlings of the wind sweep through tunnels made her hair stand on end she came to staircase that led deeper down she was unsure going down but knew she had to find her way out  as soon as she took few steps down she felt hand grab hold of her mouth from behind another hand wrapping around her waist pulling her up against warm body, surge of pain from her ass and torment it went through last night ripped through her as she clenched her teeth muffling sounds coming from under the hand that had held her mouth, her heart beated faster as feel lips against her ear, the  breath hitting her neck as she heard sounds ” shhhh mine” instantly knowing it was her Owner she moved her body closer releasing herself to his every whim as she feels his lips trail along her neck  as she feels him pull her to his lap as he sits on the stairs…..




His hand moved away as he replaced his hand with satin gag once again as it secured in place, muffles of her voice as she mumbles through the gag  but was no use no one would understand her muffles  she felt his hand return gliding to her neck where her collar sat his fingertips tracing over her collar  as he says in soft whisper ” I know your Desires mine”  as his other hand moved to her thigh trailing his fingertips over her thigh her teeth biting the gag harder as his fingertips move along her flesh, as he pulled her up gripping her hands pulling them towards her back ties them locking them in place with more of the satin binding as she struggles to move, he kneels down in front of her his lips to her stomach as trails over her stomach  feeling his lips trace around as she hears his words ” Scent of your Desire is what I want”


Feeling him grip her plump rounded ass squeezing it for his own desire as his hands move down her thighs to her legs as she feels him grip her legs parting them as he pulls her towards him catching her in his arms as she arched  in his arms like delicate piece of his art that he created for him , his fingers traced along her body as reaches tip of her nipples she could feel them through fabric of her bra causing her to squirm  his thigh moving up trapping her legs so she could not move out of his grip as he soaks up her beauty admiring his property…..


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