Best of Friends…


I was Nobody till met you all

just a girl in a big video world

you took me in and gave me something rare for that I truly want to share my love for you all, your friendship, your laughs and your tears mean all the world to me… Nothing would compare to friendship you all share….

                                                                                                        – Ð ȭ я ʞ


Rey Valeska [left]

Fur Hoodie: //Ascend// Evan Fur Hoodie #B – TMP @MOM
Beard: [Deadwool] Full beard

Necklace: UNISEX[MANDALA]KOTOWARI_Necklace_set_All colors

Watch & bracelet: (MALE)[MANDALA]BILLIONAIRE_New-Rich(GOLD)

Pants: :E: Thief Pants MESHPROJECT

Sandals: ::GB:: Gladiator Sandals / Black (TMP)

Polearm: !LR COMBO – Phoenix Combo

Kiff Khan Bleac [Middle]

shoes- [Gos] Triumph Boots – Male –
Pants – ED. Johnson Pants TMP Black Lether

accessories- (complete/CHAIN) [MANDALA]BILLIONAIRE_SMEXY(Black) |(MALE)A[MANDALA]Gyatei-Necklace_Black

Hoodie – //Ascend// Evan Fur Hoodie #A – TMP @ MOM

beard- RAW HOUSE :: Warrior Beard
– belt- [CX] Bloodbone Cleaver (Blood) Belt Only

[CX] Bloodbone Cleaver (Blood) RightHand

The Notorious Sof [Right]

Hair: .:cheeky:. Basti Hair! @MOM

Pipe: [CX] Sanngetal Black Pipe

Necklace: Leather Cord with Tooth  – Necklace

Hoodie – //Ascend// Evan Fur Hoodie #A – TMP @ MOM

Tanktop: [CX] Leisure Tanktop – TMP Male Fit (Black)

Arms: PFC~Iron arms

Sandals: ::GB:: Gladiator Sandals / Black (TMP)

Pants: :E: Thief Pants MESHPROJECT

Bow: EQ#Compound Bow

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Thank you To my Lovely Friends Rey, Kiff and Sof for helping me with this post without you guys my life would be dull and lifeless you make everyday special with your crazy ways and awesome friendship love each and everyone of you xoxo

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