🚦 Traffic Lights 🚦


It’s cold outside
I’ve been waiting for an hour
But it’s feeling like forever
I put my best dress on
With a low cut top
Guess I should have worn a sweater


Hello Sexy Pixels, Another Week has flown by! I have had most awful week due to my daughter being rushed to hospital, after 3 days…. She is now home from hospital and doing so much better. Thank you everyone for the support that you have shown me this week for my daughter it isvery moving…

Now Lets get to whats happening at FMD This week! The Sexy mind of Lucille thought of the best event. Now when I first herd of this event I thought why traffic lights! then when it was explained, it is totally Genius ! don’t worry Daddy’s and Babygirls I have you all covered! This is what you need to know.. So traffic lights event means

RED If you are Taken

YELLOW If you are Polly or swinging!

GREEN If you are single and ready to mingle!

So pick your Color that speaks you and come on down to FMD party starts Friday at 12 pm PDT open access to all. Here is the DJ and Host Line up for this weekend!

Program:  Friday 09/14/2018
                                             💎 12pm – 2pm :   Dj Dappa & Host Nek
💎 2pm – 4pm :   Dj Zingo & Host Nikole
💎 4pm – 6pm :   Dj Ana & Host Maddisen
💎 6pm – 8pm :   Dj Ary & Host Elayne
💎 8pm – 10pm : Dj Sam & Host BeeJay ⬅️ ⬅️ ⬅️ U MUST BE HERE!!
Program: Saturday 09/15/2018
💎12pm – 2pm : Dj Sonny & Host Ivy
💎2pm – 4pm :   Dj Orph & Host Addi
💎4pm – 6pm :   Dj Raute & Host Roro
💎6pm – 8pm :   Dj Eos & Host Punkarella
💎8pm – 10pm :  Dj Certa & Host Zaidee
Event Theme: 🚦 Traffic Lights 🚦
Sponsors: Narcisse & Sweet Evil
                                              🎀 Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
🎀 Head – CATWA HEAD Lona


🎀 *Rainbow Sundae* Doll Blush CATWA

🎀 little bones. Oleander – The Blend – uber


🎀 –Narcisse– Jean Flapper Dress – Siren

🎀 [Atomic] Tan Line Glasses – Set 1

🎀 Sweet Evil – BabyGirl Charm Bracelet

🎀 Sweet Evil – Bead Bracelet . Fuck me Daddy


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