I Put A Spell On You🧙

I put a Spell on.jpg

I put a spell on you
‘Cause you’re mine

You better stop the things you do
I ain’t lyin’
No I ain’t lyin’

BeeJay Witch.jpg

You know I can’t stand it
You’re runnin’ around
You know better daddy
I can’t stand it cause you put me down
Yeah, Yeah

I put a spell on you
Because you’re mine
You’re mine


Program: Friday 10/12/2018
💎 12pm – 2pm : Dj FirstBreath & Host Madisen
💎 2pm – 4pm : Dj Sam & Host Anne
💎 4pm – 6pm : Dj Tommy & Host Roro
💎 6pm – 8pm : Dj TBA & Host Elayne
💎 8pm – 10pm : Dj Neddy & Host Nik
Program: Saturday 10/13/2018
💎12pm – 2pm : Dj Chaos & Host Ivy
💎2pm – 4pm : Dj Dappa & Host Tikki
💎4pm – 6pm : Dj Raute & Host Bacon ♡
💎6pm – 8pm : Dj Kronic& Host Madisen
💎8pm – 10pm : Dj Zingo& Host Addi
Make sure come on down to FMD We have loads of Prizes give away this weekend
🎀+Spellbound+ Witching Hour // 2017 Halloween Gift from Spell Bound🎀^^Swallow^^ Princess Piercing Nose 02 from ^^Swallow^^
🎀*Dirty Princess* The Boho Chic Princess Nose Ring w/Hud from Dirty Princess
🎀[ Conviction ] The Claws – Succubus from conviction
🎀-Pixicat- Thorn.Dress – Black (Maitreya) from Pixicat
🎀.:cheeky:. Witchi Necklace! From Cheeky
🎀^^Swallow^^ Princess Bento Rings from ^^Swallow^^
🎀Astralia – Bdsm witch harnesses with HUD (Maitreya Bento) from Astralia
🎀**CC** – Wicked Witch Heatwave Aura from Cole’s Corner


🧙 ANTINATURAL[+] Hospital for Souls – patient room- from Anxiety

🧙 ANTINATURAL[+] Hospital for Souls – victorian wheelchair from Anxiety

🧙 LiViD : The Witch’s Kitchen_Potion Cabinet

🧙 LiViD : The Witch’s Kitchen__The Herbology Lab RARE

🧙 Old, Dated, Pentagram Book Shelf –[SymboliC]:

🧙 cinphul // Brooding Curtains [drab] 1

🧙 *pm* Haunted Woods Witch – White Handprints Wall Decal – B from Paper Moon

🧙 *pm* Haunted Woods Witch – Black Handprints Wall Decal – A from Paper Moon

🧙 +Spellbound+ Frame B from Spell Bound

🧙 wind pages – From Tentacio

🧙 .Florix. Bat tempest – Brown 01 fromFlorix

🧙 .random.Matter. – Moon Witch – Spellbook [Black] from Random Matter

🧙 MadPea Magical Sweeping Broom from MadPea

🧙 [La Baguette] Voodoo doll (deco) from La Baguette

🧙+Spellbound+ Cube Candlestick from Spell Bound

🧙 +Spellbound+ Charging Pyramid from Spell Bound

🧙 +Spellbound+ Goddess from Spell Bound

🧙 +Spellbound+ Books and Crystals from Spell Bound

🧙 +Spellbound+ Mystic Canopy from Spell Bound

🧙 +Spellbound+ Crystal Chandelier from Spell Bound

🧙 +Spellbound+ Nag Champa Incense from Spell Bound

🧙 +Spellbound+ Small Moon Lantern from Spell Bound

🧙 +Spellbound+ Moon Chime Incense from Spell Bound

🧙 +Spellbound+ Frame A from Spell Bound

🧙 +Spellbound+ Tarot Deck from Spell Bound

🧙 +Spellbound+ Wall Banner from Spell Bound

🧙 +Spellbound+ Frame B from Spell Bound

🧙 +Spellbound+ Carved Table from Spell Bound

🧙 +Spellbound+ Soft Pile Rug from Spell Bound

🧙 *pm* Haunted Woods Witch – Stick Man 2 from Paper Moon

🧙 *pm* Haunted Woods Witch – Stick Man 1 from Paper Moon

🧙 *pm* Haunted Woods Witch – Standing Rock Pile from Paper Moon

🧙 *pm* Haunted Woods Witch – Knocked Over Rock Pile from Paper Moon

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Big Thank you to Madisen SecretSpy (madisen33) for helping me with this pictures and donating her props for the picture and her pixel for the photo shoot plus all the amazing tips she had for me on the way much love and kisses ❤ your pumpkin pie

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