Sorry Daddy


” Daddy I… I am Sorry um… I been bad..” as she lowers her head in shame looking at the ground, her heart beating faster as knot in her stomach begins to form. She raises her head looking up at him her eyes starting to swell as tears begin to stream down her cheek.

She feels his hand move to her face as he holds her chin in his hand, his thumb glides along her chin as he looks upon waiting for her to say what she had done wrong.

Sorry Daddy.jpg

As she takes a deep breath in then exhaling slowly as she says  in soft trembling voice ” I Played with myself without your permission and worse bit is…. I want to do it again I crave for your Cock”

First Outfit!

little bones. Close – The Blondie

BouBouKi: Eternity Harness Black @ XXX Original Event

[CX] Skin Deep Remake (Cesium)



Second Outfit!

#taketomiWEST – Mandy – The Hills

BouBouKi: Olivia Bodysuit Black

erratic / lily – stockings HUD (maitreya)

Location of Snap taken is FMD


Thank you To my New Sponsor BouBouKi I look forward to blogging your work So happy to be chosen in the Blogging Team!



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