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Naughty Or Nice?



Am I Naughty Or am I Nice ? 


Depends on who is asking ?

Out of the bedroom I can be sweet as candy cane with hint of spice!  so sweet that I will cause you cavities


But For right person I can be Freak in the Sheets!


So Judge me Love me … or hate me! I am still going be Mother Fucking Beejay!

will Santa Cum for me ?


Program: Friday 12/14/2018
💎 12pm – 2pm : Dj Mashy & Host Wain
💎 2pm – 4pm : Dj Zingo & Host Nik
💎 4pm – 6pm : Dj Eos & Host Cassy
💎 6pm – 8pm : Dj Beejay & Host Natasha ⬅️ ⬅️ ⬅️ U MUST BE HERE!!
💎 8pm – 10pm : Dj Brielle & Host Hachi
Program: Saturday 12/15/2018
💎 10am – 12pm Dj Sonny & Host Shy
💎12pm – 2pm : Dj Raute & Host Nek
💎2pm – 4pm : Dj 007 & Host Madisen
💎4pm – 6pm : Dj Dappa & Host RoRo
💎6pm – 8pm : Dj Tommy  & Host Zaidee
💎8pm – 10pm : Dj NoizyZapp & Host Hachi
What will you Be Naughty or Nice ?  come on down to FMD our sponsors giving away Gift Cards to best Dressed!! come party at hottest club in Secondlife FMD



❄️ Body – Maitreya Mesh Body
❄️Head – CATWA HEAD Lona
  ❄️ Ears – ^^Տաαlloա^^   Princess Ears
❄️ Lovey Dovey :: Susie :: Genetics
❄️ .[I<3F] – Yuna – [@Seduction Fair 2018]
❄️Luder! My Quickie Thong (shift side)


❄️ ^^Տաαlloա^^  Shabby Chic Christmas Tree HD @ Shinny Shabby
❄️ ^^Swallow^^ Santa’s Sleight
❄️ [ Focus Poses ] Naughty Or Nice ?
❄️ [ Focus Poses ] Christmas Loft Backdrop
Thank you to my Sponsors ^^Տաαlloա^^ & [I<3F]
For there Awesome Items and Clothes provided for this Post


I have two avatars Ellena Andel & Lottemetaluna... Ellena is a slave in Gor and Lotte is Free women both active charioteers that i use frequently in role play and in fighting... I have made this blog cause I have love of fashion and there very talented designers out there love to mix and match everyday i like to wear something new so why not show it off to the world! hope you enjoy my blog Dork

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