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Unwrap me….



Please Daddy Its 10 pm I have been waiting all night.. Please please please daddy please let me give my present!



Daddy please unwrap me… Let me be your present, see what is in side Daddy!


I am your present Daddy, cum unwrap me!

UnwrapMePoster (1).png

Program: Friday 12/21/2018
💎 12pm – 2pm : Dj FirstBreath & Host Nek
💎 2pm – 4pm : Dj Dappa & Host Cassy
💎 4pm – 6pm : Dj Kim & Host Ivy
💎 6pm – 8pm : Dj Eos & Host Elayne
💎 8pm – 10pm : Dj Neddy & Host SpeakerWeaker
Program: Saturday 12/22/2018
💎 10am – 12pm Dj Sonny & Host Elayne
💎12pm – 2pm : Dj Aryanna & Host Anne
💎2pm – 4pm : Dj Chaos & Host Nik
💎4pm – 6pm : Dj BeeJay & Host RoRo ⬅️ ⬅️ ⬅️ U MUST BE HERE!!
💎6pm – 8pm : Dj Tommy  & Host Hachi
💎8pm – 10pm : Dj Wain & Host Madisen


🎁 Body – Maitreya Mesh Body
🎁Head – CATWA HEAD Lona
🎁 [:TG:] #EMPIRE – Xmas – Bowed – #10 Red
🎁 ^^Տաαlloա^^  Princess Bento Rings
🎁OSMIA – Margaret.Gacha.Heels – Maitreya – Red
🎁bonbon – kelly hair [natural] (unpacked)
🎁*Bolson / Tattoo Cronopios Collection – Daigo


🎁 ^^Տաαlloա^^  Shabby Chic Christmas Tree HD @ Shinny Shabby
🎁 ^^Swallow^^ Santa’s Sleight
🎁 [ Focus Poses ] Naughty Or Nice ?
🎁 [ Focus Poses ] Christmas Loft Backdrop
Thank you to my Sponsors ^^Տաαlloա^^ for providing me with these beautiful items

From all of us at FMD we wish you happy safe Christmas and I BeeJay will see you all in the new year that is it for me for 2018 I will be back First week of January ❤

Make sure you Join the FMD Group to Find out what is happening at FMD !


I have two avatars Ellena Andel & Lottemetaluna... Ellena is a slave in Gor and Lotte is Free women both active charioteers that i use frequently in role play and in fighting... I have made this blog cause I have love of fashion and there very talented designers out there love to mix and match everyday i like to wear something new so why not show it off to the world! hope you enjoy my blog Dork

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