Happy New Year


Watching the Television as I hear the fireworks begin,  informing me that new year has begun I begin to think what is installed for me this year! 


Recapping on what has happen this year… 2018 Scandal, loss of a 3 year relationship, new close friends found a job in second life became host then sponsor manager then a dj at FMD. Their has been many laughs with few tears but it was pretty good year.. now lets shut door and open the next door to see what 2019 will brings.



🎆 Body – Maitreya Mesh Body
🎆Head – CATWA HEAD Lona
🎆 #Foxy – Teddy Hair (Blondes)
🎆 –Nomi-Nessa Set top-5
🎆.random.Matter. – Rose Glasses – Gold
🎆[I<3F] & co. Carol – Gift – [@Mainstore]
🎆BouBouKi: Zinaia Set Black @ XXX ORIGINAL EVENT 
🎆Mug – Fumi Fanny Pack – Two-toned
🎆Sweet Thing. Cozy Mini Boots – Black
🎆*Bolson / Tattoo Cronopios Collection – Daigo


🎆.:Joplino:. Backdrop Lazy Nights

🎆dust bunny . unicorn planter

🎆*CRAnQ* MESH Can of DedBull Drink

🎆*CRAnQ* Mesh Dotitos Nacho Chips

🎆*CRAnQ*  MESH Lags Potato Chips bag

🎆After school backpack – @Tentacio

🎆+Half-Deer+ Stringlights – Floor

🎆+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter – Toys Toys Toys – Pink

🎆+Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter – Bowl of Kibble – Pink

🎆Stockholm&Lima: XXXBox v2

🎆+Half-Deer+ Book Clutter – Stack – Pastel

🎆. BLUSH . Underwear Set – 3 Colors

🎆[Black Bantam] SpellBook And Lazy Kitten Decor

🎆+Half-Deer+ Snoozypuff Bunny (tex. change)

🎆Cowtea – Girl Power Squeezy Pillow

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