No Cake For You!

about to go to gym.jpg

As I get ready to leave for gym I come out to see my Flat mate having a tea party with her friends. As I smile and say hello to them watching Madisen stuff her face with cake I shake my head and say ” Women! don’t you have to host this weekend at FMD ?” 

As she nods her head I shake my head and say ” perhaps you should come to gym with me as you know we need look our best!” 

Knowing Madisen would rather be skinny then the thought of being fat  she agreed to go to the gym!


Arriving at the gym I thought it be better start off light, with Christmas having way to much of that Christmas spirit my shape and Madisens where not in the best position! 


[23:38] BeeJay (nikita.loxely): you cant even do one push up!

[23:38] .ᴍᴀᴅɪsᴇɴ SecretSpy (madisen33): but these are girl push ups!
[23:39] BeeJay (nikita.loxely): They are more like round girl push ups!

[23:27] .ᴍᴀᴅɪsᴇɴ SecretSpy (madisen33): do you have any idea how hard it is to get FMD body ready? ROUND IS A SHAPE.
[23:27] BeeJay (nikita.loxely): Don’t you all Caps! me!
[23:28] .ᴍᴀᴅɪsᴇɴ SecretSpy (madisen33): IKR! I was like DERP FACE … What do you mean I can’t shout?


“No cake just hard work! you got this Sis!”


What I am wearing..

Mug – Runners Life – @ Epiphany

  • Mug – Runners Life – #1 Running Sneakers RARE
  • Mug – Runners Life – #8 Pink Earbud Ears 
  • Mug – Runners Life – #11 Pink Fit Watch
  • Mug – Runners Life – #14 Pink Tanktop
  • Mug – Runners Life – #19 Running Pants VIP
  • Mug – Runners Life – #5 Pink Water Bottle

Mug – – Moody Gacha – #12 Excited Nails

#Foxy – Cuddle Hair (Grayscales) @ Kustom9

=Zenith=Summer Yoga Bag – RARE

Misschevious – Good Girl Tattoo

*Rainbow Sundae* Doll Blush CATWA


This Weekend @ FMD

Program: Friday 01/18/2019
💎12-2pm – DJ Mieke & Host Ivy
💎2-4pm – DJ Caine & Host Anne
💎4-6pm DJ Ary & Host Bravo
💎6-8pm DJ Wain & Host Elayne
💎8-10pm DJ Q-Pain & Host Hachi
Program: Saturday 01/19/2019
💎10am -12pm DJ Sonny & Host Ivy
💎12-2pm DJ Salt & Host Nek
💎2-4pm DJ Raute & Host Anne
💎4-6pm DJ Glitch & Host Madisen
💎6-8pm DJ Mashy & Host Shy
💎8-10pm DJ Noizy & Host Eos
Pretty in Pink this weekend at FMD who going take home these prizes that are from our sponsors Cuca Designs and Misschevious

Thank you To Mayo Designs for use of his Gym Equipment! Please check out his Store for all your Secondlife Gym needs!

Thank you To Madisen For all her hard work on this post! she sweat up a storm to loose that pixel weight! You go girl! ❤

for behind the scene pictures and her artist fabulous pictures please got to her Flickr page

Thank you to Rikku and Eos for posing for the first picture ❤


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