I’m as light as I can be
You got me feeling weightless
You take me on an odyssey
You got me feeling weightless


You make me float free
My love for you is endless
No ties are binding me
Oh I’m in zero gravity


This week at FMD it is anything but clothes event sponsored by Nero and Mirage NA. so be creative be cheeky and get your buts down to FMD to win some prizes and be surrounded  with the best DJs that SL has to offer, here is the DJ line up!


Program: Friday 01/02/2019
💎10am-12pm – DJ Cain & Host Ivy
💎12-2pm – Firstbreath & Host ana
💎2-4pm DJ Doctor & Host Nik
💎4-6pm DJ banderdenver& Host Anne
💎6-8pm DJ Eos & Host elayne
💎8-10pm Dj Mashy & Host Shy
Program: Saturday 02/02/2019
💎10am -12pm DJ Sonny & Host Ivy
💎12-2pm DJ Wain & Host Shy
💎2-4pm DJ 007 & Host Anne
💎4-6pm DJ Glitch & Host Madisen
💎6-8pm DJ Tommy & Host Beejay
💎8-10pm DJ Neddy & Host Zaidee
💎 10pm – 12am DJ Cassey & Host Hachi

What I am Wearing…..

[CX] Lance Piercing (Bento) – Gold 
[CX] Sai Kanzashi ( Black )
[CX] Kinky Cobra – Gold
[CX] Kizami Drone (Gold)
[CX] Sentinel Tail
[CX] War Fan (Blood)
[CX] Skin Deep Remake (Cesium)
e.marie // Sweetheart Earring Set – 14K
DOUX – Ariana hairstyle [BASIC PACK]
Luas Yume Blue & Coral
nani&eliavah – kunoichi – geta+stocking set 1 [maitreya]
nani&eliavah – kunoichi – geta+stocking set 8 [maitreya]
DAPPA – Circuit Scars.



[01:35] BeeJay (nikita.loxely): What are you doing ?

[01:35] .ᴍᴀᴅɪsᴇɴ SecretSpy (madisen33): its for the anythign but clothes party!

[01:35] BeeJay (nikita.loxely): That is to many Stuff Animals!

[01:36] .ᴍᴀᴅɪsᴇɴ SecretSpy (madisen33): i will be one stuffed animal

[01:36] BeeJay (nikita.loxely): oh yeah have be big one!

[01:36] BeeJay (nikita.loxely): hahah omg! you are complete dork!

[01:37] .ᴍᴀᴅɪsᴇɴ SecretSpy (madisen33): how about money… i will be a pile of money..


[01:37] BeeJay (nikita.loxely): Well least you get tipped ! XD


Thank you to : Madisen for your awesome pics and ideas! , Silvermoon for your fishy pixels! and thank you to Outer Garden for having such beautiful sim to take our pictures!

For more photos behind scenes please visit Madisen flickr page! 

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