Stop Peeking!

shopping day

B e e J a y :  Omg! stop looking Sis!

.SODIUM CYANIDE : What I was looking what she buying on Marketplace!

Shopping Day2

B e e J a y :  Hmm Well least her bag is cute! wonder if she got it  at Marketplace!

.SODIUM CYANIDE : Right ? want me to ask her !


B e e J a y :  You just want to peak at her laptop! I know you!

.SODIUM CYANIDE rolls her eyes at BeeJay


B e e J a y

*PH* V.I.P Group Gift // HAIR 8204

Kaithleen’s Bardot Dress – Fatpack @ Collabor88

Kaithleen’s Bardot Jacket – Fatpack @ Collabor88

Mug – March Gift – Coin Purse




azuchi sierra necklace

[Breathe] Ayame Heels

Mug– Kaya Sweater Pastel

Tram l0301 Hair @ Collabor88

{Le Fil Casse} Shari Skirt



{what next} Sunflowers Bicycle Decor
(Milk Motion) La trattoria alley (30li)
Soy. Potted Cheese Plant [Black]
Mug – Carly Backpack – Unrigged
^Upcycled^ Vista Chair -Metal (trans)
Tentacio Good feeling laptop
Tentacio Good feeling bag @ Equal10
..::THOR::.. Salem the Cat – lying
Tentacio  Good feeling tulips
^Upcycled^ Vista Table -Metal
Second Spaces – Rainy Day Cart – white

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