The Dangers…..


Going deep…. Deep into my mind,  surrogacy rolling around in my head, Preeclampsia, Gestational diabetes, hypertension all the dangers rolling around in my head. With all the Vitamins I have to take, eating healthy, exercise, taking on less stress… worries of loss of work… I look at you and the beauty of your heart! You are meant to be a mother! I want to, I need to, you deserve this gift of life.. No matter what the dangers , the battles, the psych evaluations, the courts, lawyers, the doctors counseling, the health checks, the insemination… The pain, the physical the and mental pain….. I can do this, I am ready for our journey even though you never will read this, the world will know that you, my best friend will be a mother one day!

the dangers.jpg

*Tentacio* Tamsy nurse band leg pink @ Arcade Opens Soon

*Tentacio* Tamsy nurse band bunny leg @ Arcade Opens Soon

*Tentacio* Tamsy nurse  syringe @ Arcade Opens Soon

*Tentacio* Tamsy nurse  stethoscope pink @ Arcade Opens Soon

*Tentacio* Tamsy  nurse staff @ Arcade Opens Soon

*Tentacio* Tamsy  nurse medical halo @ Arcade Opens Soon

*Tentacio* Tamsy  nurse necklace pink @ Arcade Opens Soon

[Future Popp] Heart cowlick thin

bonbon – mina hair [pack A]

[I<3F] – Mina @ Belle Event

e.marie // COFFIN Glitter Tips Set

MINIMAL – Pain Backdrop

[:: JesyDream ::] Kawaii Medical Makeup @ Sanarae

Wednesday[+] ~ Girls Wounds ~ Oxygen Tube Pink – RARE










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