We Welcome The rain…..

welcome the rain

This is something that happening in the country I live in… you may of herd of it via the news but Australia is at its worst drought  in history. some parts of Australia will not have water by march 2020, Farmers are killing off there cattle some of them are so depressed that they are killing themselves as they can not support there family…


At my work we are doing food drive and raising money but I want to do my part so this post  is about the farmers how much we would welcome the rain if we had some…  Please support the Drought Angels Appeal as our government may not be doing much help our farmers but you and I can!


DOUX – Mecca hairstyle 


Mug – Donna Tee – Fatpack

Blueberry – Bella – Unzipped Skirt – Light Blue

Please help today by donating to the Drought Angels

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