Story of Me!

cropped-32311429633_204a8dec1e_o.png I started this blog over 4 years ago, what started out just a fashion Gorean Blog grew into much more. Over the years I built my brand [Dork] gathering more sponsors and followers.

Unfortunately I had consecrate on real life with work and home life so the blog took back seat for many years. But now with fresh coat of themes and pictures I am back doing what I love with added bonus of FMD!

I started coming to the Club only  little while ago and fell in love with the people there, So friendly so wonderful formed great connection with FMD felt like home and still does!

I have recently taken the role of FMD Blogger I wanted to incorporate the fashion  plus show case FMD because everyone needs know what this club has to offer!

Now I am sponsor manager I work along side Lance Pyara [ Owner ] and Glitch Axelrad [Dj/ Host Manager] with the wonderful  -`Teαм💎Fмд-.

I strive to give you best fashion and designers that secondlife has to offer with each week there will also be schedule posted clearly what FMD line up for that weekend it is my promise to you…

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