You Don’t Know

I know you’ve got the best intentions Just trying to find the right words to say Promise I’ve already learned my lesson But right now I wanna be not okay So tight sitting here waiting If I hear one more “Just be patient” It’s always gonna stay the same So let me just give up… Continue reading You Don’t Know

Just little bit of magic..

So thanks to ^^Swallow^^ I was given their latest ears to try out and omg! love them, their hud was so easy to color match they have lots of skins male and female skins to color match the ears way easier and also the the old system of color matching if your skin is not… Continue reading Just little bit of magic..

Run Lover….

Run with me…. Got to keep up and follow me  through the rough times and the good times baby it will be worth it I will  promise you… Through this haze we call love it can be blind but I will take your hand and guide you through the path of our unknown journey.. 🎮 What… Continue reading Run Lover….

Meant to be…

I don’t mean to be so uptight But my heart’s been hurt a couple times By a couple guys that didn’t treat me right I ain’t going to lie, ain’t going to lie ‘Cause I’m tired of the fake love Show me, what you’re made of Boy, make me believe If it’s meant to be,… Continue reading Meant to be…

You’re Not Alone…

You’re not alone This time, this time you’re not alone This time, this time you’re not on your own Happy Valentines Wifey ❤  my life is richer  cause you are in it! can’t believe taken this long for us to find each other love you to the moon and backs! This Weekend at FMD we… Continue reading You’re Not Alone…

Sweet Like your Love….

Sweet like Chocolate on your Lips,  as I kiss your lips tasting the milky warm delight  swirling around in my mouth, awakening  my taste buds as you awaken my heart with your sweet love you are my delight. 🍩 Body – Maitreya Mesh Body 🍩 Head – CATWA HEAD Lona 🍩 Ears – ^^Տաαlloա^^   Princess Ear 🍩 *Tentacio* Harajuku shoes pink… Continue reading Sweet Like your Love….


I’m as light as I can be You got me feeling weightless You take me on an odyssey You got me feeling weightless You make me float free My love for you is endless No ties are binding me Oh I’m in zero gravity This week at FMD it is anything but clothes event sponsored… Continue reading Gravity