You & Me….

Gonna be you and me Gonna be everything you, you’ve ever dreamed Gonna be Sofia and me Gonna be everything Gonna be everything you need What Dork Freedom is Wearing… *:..Silvery K..:*Japanese umbrella(BB) .ARISE. Lilia Septum / Rusty ( retextured ) [CX] Tassel Kiseru Red [CX] Twisted Puncture (Black Dip) [Haste] Ashie V2 Black @ We ❤… Continue reading You & Me….

==Don’t let me fall apart==

Hold, hold me up And take me in I’m losing it Lost again So maybe I fall Maybe I fail Maybe my hearts not made of stone Maybe you’ll see Secrets I’d never want to show But I can’t help it I’m not superhuman I’m breaking Don’t let me fall apart But I can’t help… Continue reading ==Don’t let me fall apart==