I Will Walk 500 Miles!

Waiting for the lights to cross this path to start my journey to be with you…  I have many miles to walk but I will be that women to walk that 500 miles to be with you… Worth every mile to feel your arms around me boy… FNH & Endless Pain presents  Sexy Traffic Lights… Continue reading I Will Walk 500 Miles!

Pillow Fight

I am not going Adult today… Sometimes you just got to have fun ! Program: Friday 01/04/2019 💎12-2pm – DJ Vze & Host Kiki 💎2-4pm – DJ Caine & Host Nikole 💎4-6pm DJ DoctorMean & Host BeeJay 💎6-8pm DJ Wain & Host Zaidee 💎8-10pm DJ Mashy & Host Madisen Program: Saturday 01/05/2019 💎10am -12pm DJ Sonny &… Continue reading Pillow Fight

I Put A Spell On You🧙

I put a spell on you ‘Cause you’re mine You better stop the things you do I ain’t lyin’ No I ain’t lyin’ You know I can’t stand it You’re runnin’ around You know better daddy I can’t stand it cause you put me down Yeah, Yeah I put a spell on you Because you’re… Continue reading I Put A Spell On You🧙

If dark returns…

So much misery, so much pain, Fog of war, with torrential rain. Mountainous jungles do not forgive, Must be careful, if you wish to live. Fire and destruction, seems to follow, Magnitude of it all is hard to swallow. The dying gasp for every breath, Joining countless to their death. What Zack S. Desaster is… Continue reading If dark returns…